TechSparks 2012 Mumbai – Inspirational, Knowledgeable & Fun

TechSparks, rated among the top 10 start up eventsin India saw a full attendance in their recent event at Mumbai which took place on Saturday, 26th May, 2012. Being used to see 100% attendance at all their events, this wasn’t something new for TechSparks!

TechSparks: An awesome place for learners to learn and entrepreneurs to showcase their talents.

The event began with registrations and then the attendees and the discussion panel which consisted of Charles Assisi, Abhay Pandey, Sachin Kelkar, Rick Harshman, Ashay Padwal & John Fearon were greeted by Shradha Sharma, the founder of, the company behind TechSparks. This was followed by a short introduction of themselves and their companies by the founders of the start-ups participating in TechSparks 2012.

After a few paragraphs on scaling a startup, Aditya Kulkarni conducted a small yet useful workshop. This interesting activity involved designing a perfect visiting card for your business. After speaking on how good business cards can affect one’s business and sharing some tips on improving the design if a business card, interested attendees were asked to create a rough sketch of a business card which they think is perfect.

The next activity involved creating a travel site. Well, no one actually had to create a travel site, no one can create one in ten minutes, but the attendees were just asked to put forward their views and ideas if any. After a small presentation was played the event continued with some more interesting activity, not to forget the few but good ideas given by the entrepreneurs / future entrepreneurs present there. The workshop was thus an excellent way for entrepreneurs to plan their startup.

It was now time for TechSparks 2011 winners to share their success stories. The founders of Reverie Language Technologies and Heckyl Technologies gave a brief introduction of their services. Everyone there were also able to watch Heckyl and Reverie media player working live. It was then time for the questions round during which everyone present in the auditorium could ask them questions related to their services.

It was now time for the panel discussion on “The smartest way to scale your startup” which was also the concluding part of the event. The discussion panel involved Charles Assisi (Executive Editor, Forbes India and Editor, ForbesLife India), Abhay Pandey (Managing Director, Sequoia Capital India), Sachin Kelkar (Head of Software Partner Program at Intel), Rick Harshman (Head of ASEAN and India, Amazon Web Services), Ashay Padwal (Co-founder & CTO, Vserv) and John Fearon (Founder & CEO, DropMySite). After the discussion, it was now time for the second questions round which saw more questions than the first round for obvious reasons.

The event concluded.
Tech Sparks Mumbai 2012Tech Sparks MumbaiTech Sparks

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